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Series 1 & 2: What Is The Default Password?

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If you are not sure what Series CradlePoint router you have, please click here.

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Have forgotten or do not know the default password to the CradlePoint setup pages, or I have forgotten the default password for the "Internet Access Hosted By CradlePoint" page.


I just purchased my router, I need to log into the router’s administration pages, I need to connect a new device to my router.


The default password is the last six characters of the router’s WLAN Mac address (located on the bottom of the router).  The password is case sensitive, make sure the letters are lowercase and the zeros are zeros not the letter “O”.

Your default admin and user login password is the last 6 characters of the MAC address listed on the product label of the router. This is also refered to as your "Administration Password".  For example, the default password from the label shown below would be 092a60.  This password is not the PIN for the router, if you are being asked for a PIN when connecting to wireless see the article on Windows Vista/7 asks for Pin. 

Note:  Passwords are case sensitive and all letters must be entered as lowercase.

Note: Passwords are restricted to between 8 and 15 characters in length.

If the default is not working, you may need to reset the router.


CradlePoint routers are secure in two ways:

  • A unique default password is printed on the product label of every router.  If you have a PHS300, the product label is located underneath the battery in the battery compartment.  You will use this password to access the Administration pages to make configuration changes to your router.  You can change the default password in the SETUP WIZARD after first logging in with the last six characters of your MAC address.  
  • Series 1 & 2 CradlePoint routers come with a firmware-enabled featured called Require User Login.  When this feature is enbled, the first time any new connected device opens a web browser, they will be presented with the User Login screen.  The default password for the User Login is the same as your default password, which is the last six characters of the MAC address.  This page can be modified using BILLBOARD customization, and you can establish a custom password.  However, many WiFi-enabled devices do not have the ability to enter a password in a browser and won't connect correctly.  How Do I Disable the User Login Feature?

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