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Series 3: How to Configure and Use SMS on capable Cradlepoint routers
Support - January 27, 2014
This article provides steps to configure and use the SMS feature available in certain Cradlepoint models: AER31x0, AER21x0, AER1600, MBR1400v2, MBR1400v1, CBA850, CBA750B, IBR11x0, IBR6x0 & IBR350.
How to Maximize Wireless (WiFi) Range
Support - July 31, 2012
This article provides suggestions to improve the Wireless (WiFi) range of a capable Cradlepoint router.
CradleCare Paid Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Support - September 5, 2013
This article is intended to provide answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Cradlepoint's Pay for Support model.
NCOS: How to configure WiFi as WAN on a Cradlepoint router
Support - October 12, 2015
This article provides instructions for configuring a Series 3 Cradlepoint router, running NCOS Version 6.0 or later, to use an existing WiFi network as the internet source.
How To Install a SIM Card
Support - November 14, 2017
In some cases the Cradlepoint Modem may not have a SIM card installed, and it may be necessary to insert a SIM Card yourself. Cradlepoint has different Modem Types, each with a unique way of inserting a SIM card. This Article is intended to assist the u...
NCOS: WiFi Authentication using Windows 2012 NPS Server
Support - August 17, 2016
This article should guide users through configuring Cradlepoing WiFi WPA2 Enterprise Authentication using Windows 2012 NPS server as Radius
NCOS: Effectively utilizing 2-SIM modems
Manual - January 20, 2017
How to use 2-SIM modems: What can and cannot be done. Failover, profiles and data usage
Cradlepoint Router Power Supply Information
Support - September 26, 2011
This article describes the Input/Output levels of the wall & auto power adapters for use with Cradlepoint routers.
IP Passthrough Best Practices
Support - May 13, 2013
This article will give you suggested settings from Cradlepoint Support for optimizing IP Passthrough on a capable Series 3 Device.
NCOS: Out of Band Management
Support - September 30, 2015
This document is intended to guide an administrator through configuring the Serial Redirector feature on Cradlepoint routers for out-of-band management.