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COR IBR600/IBR650 Mounting Bracket Specifications
Support - June 26, 2013
This article provides a diagram with dimension specifications for the Mounting Bracket of the COR IBR600/650 Cradlepoint routers.
Series 3: Firmware Release Notes firmware v3.6.3 through v5.0.0
Support - August 14, 2012
This article shows the feature changes, bug fixes, and feature additions for all Series 3 Cradlepoint firmware from version 3.6.3 to 5.0.0
NCOS: Effectively utilizing 2-SIM modems
Manual - January 20, 2017
How to use 2-SIM modems: What can and cannot be done. Failover, profiles and data usage
NCOS: SDK Overview
Manual - August 2, 2016
some high-level discussion of Cradlepoint SDK
How to Maximize Wireless (WiFi) Range
Support - July 31, 2012
This article provides suggestions to improve the Wireless (WiFi) range of a capable Cradlepoint router.
Netgear 341U Modem Support
Support - March 21, 2014
This article describes different levels of compatibility of the Netgear 341U (Sprint) cellular USB modem. Tags: MBR95, Netgear 341U, Sprint 341U, MBR95 Netgear.
Security Update: WPA and WPA2 Vulnerabilities (KRACK)
Support - October 18, 2017
A WiFi authentication issue/vulnerability has been published that affects WPA and WPA2 authentication. This security vulnerability is in an industry standard protocol (WPA/WPA2) which Cradlepoint and most, if not all Wi-Fi devices use.
Change the LAN/WAN Ethernet Port Mode of a Cradlepoint with Multiple Ethernet Ports
Support - November 1, 2012
This article provides instructions of how to change the ethernet port mode on the AER2100, MBR1400, MBR1200B, IBR600, IBR650.
NCOS: NEMO/DMNR Configuration
Support - July 25, 2016
This configuration guide shows an example setup of Cradlepoint NEMO with Verizon Wireless Dynamic Mobile Network Routing service for the purposes of providing communications over Verizon Wireless LTE Access and Mobile Private Networks between an enterpris...
Type and Size of SIM Cards Used in Cradlepoint Modems
Support - August 8, 2012
This article describes the type of SIM required for CradlePoint modems, and how to properly insert and remove it.