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How to Maximize Wireless (WiFi) Range
Support - July 31, 2012
This article provides suggestions to improve the Wireless (WiFi) range of a capable Cradlepoint router.
Dnsmasq Security Update
Support - October 6, 2017
In response to the critical security vulnerabilities discovered in the dnsmasq network service (CVE-2017-14491 and others), Cradlepoint has taken steps to incorporate the dnsmasq version 2.78 into its latest NetCloud OS.
Security Update: WPA and WPA2 Vulnerabilities (KRACK)
Support - October 18, 2017
A WiFi authentication issue/vulnerability has been published that affects WPA and WPA2 authentication. This security vulnerability is in an industry standard protocol (WPA/WPA2) which Cradlepoint and most, if not all Wi-Fi devices use.
NCOS: How to setup Hotspot Services (Captive Portal)
Support - October 12, 2015
NCOS: Auto-Tunnel
Support - August 11, 2017
The 6.4.0 NCOS release introduces a simple to configure Auto-Tunnel feature. This feature provides secure, resilient application sessions that can withstand drops in connectivity and the failover transition from one WAN interface to another. Auto-Tunnel i...