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COR IBR9x0 Series Manual: Intro
Support - January 11, 2017
This is the introduction to the COR IBR9x0 Series product manual, including package contents, system requirements, specifications, hardware information, and LED information.
COR-IBR9x0 Series Manual: Quick Start
Support - January 10, 2017
This is the quick start section of the COR IBR9x0 Series product manual.
COR Series Vehicle Installation Guide
Support - May 21, 2013
This article will provide guidance for the installation of Cradlepoint COR routers in vehicles. We'll recommend some commercially available products to help minimize the effects of the harsh automotive power environment.
How to Maximize Wireless (WiFi) Range
Support - July 31, 2012
This article provides suggestions to improve the Wireless (WiFi) range of a capable Cradlepoint router.
Getting Started With Ignition Sensing
Manual - February 9, 2018
Ignition sense allows you to automatically power your Cradlepoint on or off as you start and shut off your vehicle. This article will provide guidance for setting up ignition sensing on a properly installed Cradlepoint.
Dnsmasq Security Update
Support - October 6, 2017
In response to the critical security vulnerabilities discovered in the dnsmasq network service (CVE-2017-14491 and others), Cradlepoint has taken steps to incorporate the dnsmasq version 2.78 into its latest NetCloud OS.
NCOS: SDK v2.0 Application Development Guide
Manual - July 10, 2017
This document describes application development using SDK v2.0.
Security Update: WPA and WPA2 Vulnerabilities (KRACK)
Support - October 18, 2017
A WiFi authentication issue/vulnerability has been published that affects WPA and WPA2 authentication. This security vulnerability is in an industry standard protocol (WPA/WPA2) which Cradlepoint and most, if not all Wi-Fi devices use.
NCOS: SDK Router API for Applications
Manual - May 30, 2017
Documentation for the router config store trees that can be utilized by router applications or accessed via http based protocol.
How To Install a SIM Card
Support - November 14, 2017
In some cases the Cradlepoint Modem may not have a SIM card installed, and it may be necessary to insert a SIM Card yourself. Cradlepoint has different Modem Types, each with a unique way of inserting a SIM card. This Article is intended to assist the u...